Ann V. Graber, PhD, author of Viktor Frankl's Logotherapy, has earned the respect of students around the world as an instructor of Franklian psychology, a meaning-centered approach to counseling that looks at our transitioning through life optimistically and calls us to live responsibly.

Since her own "wake-up call"--which opens the book--Ann has been yearning to assist her fellow travelers to view death as a "commencement" rather than the end of life. We have all graduated from something--Kindergarten, grade school, high school or college--to begin the next level of learning. So it is in the School of Life. We go through the commencement exercise, known as Death, on our Journey Home.

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Reviews (from the paperback book)

"Dr. Graber's The Journey Home: Preparing for Life's Ultimate Adventure is nothing short of a gift from above. Readers will be left with a sense of beauty, wonder, awe and a pulling--without fear--toward a meaningful life, the Journey Home, and a continuing adventure that awaits each of us on the other side." --Trace N. Pirtle, Ed.D.

"Dear Ann Graber: I have read your wonderful manuscript and am deeply impressed. Your own near death experience and your participation in Kay's preparation for her death confer authenticity to your words that few authors can claim. I would recommend this book to everyone concerned with the dying process--most especially those in hospice work and grief counseling." --John F. Commerford, M.D.

"The Journey Home uniquely combines and holds in creative tension the physiological and psychological dimensions of the dying process with the spiritual journey through death.... One of the great strengths of this book is that it... gives both a human and psycho-spiritual character that will appeal to both the layperson facing the reality of death, as well as the professional who is called upon to assist and minister to a dying person and their family." --The Very Rev. Philip C. Linder, D.Min., Psy.D. Dean, Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Columbia, SC
"The Journey Home could very well be that much- needed manual for both pastor and parishioner which --by removing the sting of death--provides comfort and reassurance to those preparing to die, those who care for them and those who live on.... Graber has lessened the fear of death through a vivid description of a remarkable and personal portrait of her experience with the dying process. Moreover, Graber has restored to death and to the dying process its sacred dignity by refocusing on man's spiritual origin as a return to and a fulfillment of a life's journey." --The Rev. Jeremiah N. Murasso, Ph.D., Ed.D. Pastor, St. Francis of Assisi Church, South Windsor, CT

"After reading this phenomenal book, I began to evaluate my life and make decisions that were put on hold because of fear.... Perhaps I would not have made this decision to prepare myself for my own journey had I not read Dr. Graber's soul-inspiring manuscript." --Rosa M. Ramos, Elementary School Counselor
 I took the opportunity this weekend to re-read Journey Home as I had the pleasure of initially seeing it after last year's release. Dr. Graber again does not disappoint and provides all of us with a thoughtful, timely piece of writing on a topic that is (or should be) of interest to everyone. For individuals who are experiencing end life issues and decisions it speaks to the emotional and spiritual domains. Likewise, for helpers or others who are trying to learn more about the process of death and grief, it provides a broad overview of the perception and expression of death and its accompanying rituals from several cultural and historical perspectives.

Like her previous book, Viktor Frankl's Logotherapy, Journey Home reflects Dr. Graber's knowledge and interest in the history of the subject at hand. She provides the reader with a brief but excellent overview of the relevant psychological research as well as some contrasting examples of how different religions and traditions deal with death and the grief process. Her attention to detail is an appealing quality to her style of writing, but I imagine she had some difficulty choosing which specific examples to include given what had to be a wealth of information.

Unlike her previous book, Journey Home, begins and ends with some deeply personal disclosures concerning Dr. Graber's own experiences with death and its implications. Without giving away the details, let me just say that these portions of the book contain compelling descriptions with more than enough detail to support Dr. Graber's expertise. These sections challenge the conventional, mechanistic view of human existence in favor of a multi-dimensional approach.

Journey home expresses very concisely, Dr. Graber's personal philosophy and her response to the challenge the universe issued to her. We are all better off that she accepted.

I hope that her future works continue to be generated from her personal perspective and noetic experiences. Dr. Graber's life work now belongs to the history of which she so fond of writing. --P. Pack (Kentucky)
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